Pedigree launches Irelands’ Largest Pet Ownership Study Findings

Free family pet event, Pawsitivity in the City, to take place in Merrion Square from 11th-13th March

Pedigree Ireland and Whiskas Ireland have put their paws together to launch the largest study of pet ownership in Ireland, in celebration of the third year of the hugely successful Pawsitive Living campaign. Happy and healthy dogs and cats will be celebrated by pet experts at Pedigree and Whiskas with ‘Pawsitivity in the City’ – a free, fun-filled pet lovers’ event for all the family in Merrion Square from 11th – 13th March 2016.


Pet Ownership Study
The study, completed in partnership with global market research organisation Ipsos, identified that 61% of all Irish households own either a dog or cat, and owners truly cherish their pets with 91% recognising both dogs and cats as a family member, friend or companion that provides them with comfort and prevents loneliness.

Conducted across a nationally representative sample of 2000 households, the online research highlights that the majority of pets in Ireland are happy and healthy with 67% of owners stating that they have never faced any health problems with their pets. Of those that have reported health concerns, the most frequent issue is ear problems, reported by 10% of owners. Dogs specifically suffer from joint or bone problems (8%) while cat owners have reported teeth and ear problems with their pets (10%).


For owners of both cats and dogs, the research indicates that 29% feel a healthy pet is the main indicator that their food is good for them, followed by recommendations from their vet at 13%. 3 in every 4 pet owners believe that good pet health is indicated by a healthy skin and coat, followed by no digestion issues. Almost two thirds of pets have visited their vet in a 12 month period, primarily for their annual medical visit or to receive vaccinations.

Irish pet expert and veterinary surgeon, Pete Wedderburn, comments on the findings, “Today’s findings affirm Ireland’s love for dogs and cats. The nation has arguably gone through a pet revolution with our four legged friends now being cared for as core members of the family. While the study highlights that 2 out of every 3 dog owners haven’t reported any health concerns with their pet, this as an opportunity to reinforce the importance of oral care. 80% of dogs over the age of three suffer from gum diseasecaused by plaque and tartar build-up around the gum line, which is the most common disease in adult dogs. Dogs hide their pain so brushing your dog’s teeth regularly is a great way to keep their gums and teeth healthier and fight gum disease. You can also introduce fresh chews to preventplaque and tartar build-up, as part of a healthy and balanced diet.”
Ireland is truly a pet-loving nation with 75% of owners indicating that their pets were bought when they were a kitten or a puppy, creating that caring bond from a very young age. Dogs remain the predominant household pet with 49% of households owning only a dog and 30% of households with just a cat as a pet. Cat ownership is skewed towards people who owned a cat during their childhood while families are more likely to be dog owners.


Pawsitivity in the City
To coincide with the launch of the study, pet experts Pedigree and Whiskas have teamed up to share #PawsitiveLiving with pet owners and lovers alike by hosting ‘Pawsitivity in the City’; a free, fun-filled family pet event taking place from 11th-13th March 2016 in Merrion Square (Friday 11th: 12.30pm – 2.30pm, Saturday 12th: 12pm-4pm, Sunday 13th: 12pm-4pm).
There will be lots of fun in store for parents and kids throughout the weekend including a Doggy Disco for pets who like to shake their tails with their owners to the tune of some cool beats. When the feet and paws tire, a pop-up Doggy Café will be on-site giving everyone a chance to curl up with their pets. Snacks are a must for all the family so Pedigree and Whiskas will be providing complimentary wet and dry food, as well as snacks and beverages for mom, dad and kids.

Everyone can expect lots of puppy love and cuddles from an army of dogs from the ISPCA and even take a pet home through their Rehoming Programme on the day. The event will provide professional pet grooming services, vet and behavioural advice from the experts, including Pet Vet Pete Wedderburn, and lots of exciting pet prizes. For pet shy guests, balloon modellers and face painters will be there all weekend to keep them entertained.

Dog owners who would like additional advice for their pets can now download a revolutionary free new app from pet experts Pedigree, called Tracks. The app, personalised for each dog, creates a feeding menu and individual exercise goals to ensure a happy and healthy pet. Owners can track their progress over time using Pedigree’s S.H.A.P.E. guide to understand if their pet is in tip-top condition for their next doggy adventure.
Event times and further details, including the chance to win some Pawsome prizes by sharing pictures of your pet, are available


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