Stuck in a career rut? Retrain As a Beauty Therapist For Some Beautiful Career Possibilities!‏

Are you stuck in a career rut?  Are you beauty obsessed? Well, why not reboot your career by training as a Beauty Therapist at the Galligan College of Beauty?  Regardless of your age or situation, there’s no better time to consider a career in the beauty industry.  The career options and possibilities are truly endless after you graduate.


As the global beauty industry continues to thrive with exciting new market segments opening and an increasingly diverse range of treatment coming on stream, demand for trained and skilled clinicians, beauty therapists and make-up artists has never been higher. Getting proper accredited training is paramount, which is why Galligan Beauty College has been leading the way in professional beauty education and offers a range of flexible and accredited courses.


Five Reasons to Retrain for a Career in Beauty Therapy:


#1 Financially Lucrative:

Apart from being well paid, beauty therapy brings other financial perks, including commissions and tips.  Graduating as a beauty therapist also offers students the opportunity to start their own beauty business and become an entrepreneur.


#2 Flexibility & Versatility:

A career in beauty therapy offers enormous flexibility and versatility.  Work hours can be as few or as many as you want to work!  You even have the option of working from home or travelling abroad as all of our courses are internationally recognized.


# 3 Rewarding

As a therapist you live in an environment in which not only do you bring beauty and good vibes to your clients, but you also surround yourself with “the magic of beauty”. On top of it all, you get to do your job in peaceful, nurturing environments, away from the daily stress and noxious atmosphere. It is all about making people look and feel even more beautiful and relaxed which is why beauty therapy is widely regarded as one of the most rewarding career choices.


#4 Creative:          

Makeup, hair, nails and skincare are all areas that promote the creative process.


#5 Wide Range of Career Possibilities:  

Becoming a beauty therapist can be a great career option with multiple job opportunities such as working in a spa or in a salon, on a cruise ship, or going into the fashion and movie industry or even a career in beauty training or sales. After gaining experience, you can definitely aim to start your own business. There are endless possibilities and it is all out there.


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