Think You Know Henna Hair Dye? Think Again!

·       Fashion Forward Catwalk Colours From Surya Brasil

·       Deep-Conditioning, Vegan & Free From Chemical Nasties

We all think we know henna, the hippie-shop favourite our mams used to dye their hair in the 70s, right? Wrong!

Modern henna has shaken off the stereotypes and is enjoying a major fashion moment.  While celebrities from Beyonce to Rihanna have taken to Instagram to show off their latest henna tattoos, we at Surya Brasil know the best way to use henna is to colour our luscious locks. That’s why we created a range of 15 sleek, fashionable and on-trend colours for catwalk-ready hair.

Busting The Henna Myths

·        Henna can only dye hair brown, black or red

Total myth – Surya Brasil’s award-winning Henna Creams come in 15 fashion forward shades

·        Henna damages your hair

Henna is actually one of the safest things you can use on your hair, and has been around since people first started colouring their hair.  Cleopatra used henna to keep her raven tresses grey-free

·        Henna is tricky to apply

Maybe it was 30 years ago, but Surya Brasil’s Henna Creams come in a tube with a handy-to-use applicator, just like regular dyes

·        You have to leave henna in your hair overnight to get the colour you want

The easy to use Henna Cream will give you gorgeous, conditioning colour at home in less time than you’d spend in the salon

·        Once you use henna, you’re stuck with it as you have to grow it out of your hair

Another myth – Surya Brasil Henna Creams are semi-permanent, giving your hair a gorgeous burst of colour and condition that will naturally fade as you wash your hair

·        You can’t use henna on dyed or highlighted hair, and you can’t use conventional dyes or apply highlights to hair that’s been treated with henna

Not true – Surya Brasil Henna Creams work with colour-treated or highlighted hair, whether you’re applying it to hair that’s already dyed or highlighting/dyeing henna-treated hair

Renowned hairdresser Bill Galligan said:  “A lot of people’s thinking around henna is stuck in a 70s stereotype – that it’s fiddly to use, it takes forever, it can only dye hair various shades of orange.  But Surya Brasil have reinvented henna with their Henna Cream range, bringing it bang up to date for a fresh, modern look.  There’s none of the hassle associated with old-school henna, just sleek, ultra-fashionable hair.”

Surya Brasil’s Henna Creams coat each hair with a moisturising, protective layer of volumising colour that eliminates all grey.  The formulas are enriched with an arsenal of plant botanicals from the Indian and Brazilian rainforests for shine from the roots to tips.

With more and more people developing a sensitivity to PPD, a lethal chemical used in 99% of hair dyes, Surya Brasil’s Henna Creams offer a safe, natural alternative to get the hair you love, whether you want to cover greys or try a new colour.  And because they don’t damage your hair, you’re free to change your shade as often as you change your outfit.

Surya Brasil Henna Creams are available from selected health stores and pharmacies, or online at priced €13.80.


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