Stena Line sessions are ‘music to your ears’

This summer, popular singers from Northern Ireland will kick off the first ever Stena Line Sessions, a series of unique musical events that will showcase the best signing talent in the country, whilst you sail across the Irish Sea onboard Stena Line.

Marty McGrady, who is known as one of ‘Belfast’s Best Buskers’, Matty Rea, Sammy Stevenson, Heather White, and many more, are set to be amongst the first to perform at the Stena Line Sessions which will take place on the Belfast to Liverpool and Belfast to Cairnryan routes.

Stephen Bryden, Route Onboard Services Manager Irish Sea North, explained why everyone should keep an ‘ear’ out for the new Stena Line Sessions.

“These events are the first of their kind for Stena Line and will add even further to our customer’s enjoyment whilst onboard as well as providing a platform for talented musicians. People can kick back and relax in very comfortable surroundings whilst listening to the beautiful voices and upbeat songs from the varied and brilliant acts.

“The singers and bands will be from various musical genres included pop and rock to country and RnB and if there is a particular song that you would like to hear, then you can request to hear it.

“The acts are set to perform onboard over the summer and, who knows, the Stena Line Sessions could discover the next big thing in music and you could be there to witness the start of their careers,” added Stephen.

The acts will perform at weekends starting on July 1st and running until early September. There will be two performances each day in the afternoon and evening which will last for around 90 minutes.

For more information on Stena Line go to


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