Dive into a refreshing summer with 7UP mojito free

A Summery Twist to the Iconic Lemon-Lime Bubbles of 7UP


Celebrate the arrival of summer with a fresh take on the iconic lemon-lime brand 7UP®: Introducing 7UP Mojito Free. Designed to capture the taste and feeling of summer through arefreshing combination of lemon, lime and mint,7UP Mojito Free is now available in Irish stores, just in time for Summer!

Over the Summer months, Irish soft drink lovers will be enveloped in a sea of 7UP Mojito Free, as 7UP’s newest tantalizing taste takes over the streets, social media feeds and airwaves of Ireland. The launch of the no-sugar 7UP Mojito Free will be brought to life across the Irish media sphere by a vibrant, fun and captivating Summer campaign that radiates minty freshness! As 7UP’s biggest flavor innovation in over ten years, this Summer 7UP Mojito Free will quite literally be exploding into the Irish market with colour, fun and cool summer vibes!

 7UP Mojito Free 2 (1)

Rebecca Burke, PepsiCo Marketing Manager said “We are really excited about 7UP Mojito Free hitting the shelves in Ireland just in time for Summer. 7UP has always been an Irish favourite, and with the simple, crisp and light-hearted combination of lemon, lime, bubbles and mint, 7UP Mojito Free is set to build on the strong momentum of the brand, to become a guilt-free summer classic. We have some very exciting plans for the Summer months ahead, so enjoy the taste of summer in a bottle and get ready for the haze of minty excitement that’s set to take over Ireland!”

Non-conformity. Originality. Unmistakable authenticity. These have been the hallmarks of 7UP since 1929 and we’re excited to introduce a new, summer-inspired take on our classic bubbles,”said Robert Sadjak, Marketing Director, 7UP, PepsiCo Western Europe.

 7UP Mojito Free 3 (1)

7UP Mojito Free is available in both 500ml and two litre bottles nationwide. 7UP Mojito Free is a sugar free, non-alcoholic beverage. 

For more information

Visit www.7upfree.ie

7UP Free on Facebook www.facebook.com/7UpFreeIreland

Twitter (@7UPIRELAND)


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