Sprinkle Inglot’s sparkle dust to shine bright this summer!

We all know that feeling, winter has been long (aka never-ending) and we’ve now reached spring with the pasty pallor which automatically identifies as us that palest of skin tones – Irish!

Now we’re starting to see a little more sunshine and dare I say it, double figure temperatures, it’s time to start exposing a little more skin to the world.

Most of us do feel a bit better when we have that lovely glow that comes from the summer sun. Not even necessarily a tan, but just that gorgeous luminosity that the sunlight seems to give.


As a big fan of Inglot, I was excited to hear about the brand’s sparkle dust. Having previously steered clear of glittery powders for fear of looking like a walking disco ball, I had been told this was much different.

This frosted loose powder is highly pigmented to provide the ultimate glow to any part of the body. It can be applied directly on to the eyes as a shadow, in the inner corners of the eye for a pop of shimmer, or mixed with lip gloss, nail enamel, foundation, moisturiser, or duraline to add a touch of magic to your make up. A summer glam must have – available in four shades; this highly pearlized long lasting powder adds a subtle or dramatic glow to the skin, depending on how much you choose to apply.

Given that I currently resemble Casper the Ghost’s slightly paler sister, I erred on the side of caution and opted for Shade number 2 of the collection. It’s a gorgeous subtle gold which I felt would be a safer bet to match my tone.


The powder comes in a generously sized pot with those little holes which are great for ensuring you don’t go too OTT with the application (Studio 54 anyone?!) and a lovely soft little puff.


I decided to keep things simple for the first application and applied the powder directly to freshly moisturised skin (see results below). The result was a subtle but pretty glow which I felt was sufficient and didn’t need built up any further. I can’t wait to apply this during the summer to tanned skin, I think it will look amazing. Particularly on hot nights out in some far flung destination. I’m off to Marrakesh next month and this is definitely coming along!


I also experimented with sweeping some powder on top of my foundation, over the cheekbones to act as a bit of a highlighter. Again, it gave a lovely healthy sparkle, very subtle and by no means OTT.

I’ve been wearing the powder like this to fake a healthy glow for a few days now, but I’m looking forward to a big night out this weekend when I’ll be experimenting with it as an eye shadow.

The perfectly proportioned pot goes a long way and suffice to say, it will be one of my go-to products right throughout the coming months.

Available in 4 shades (1 being lightest – 4 darkest) and priced at just 20 euro, this is a must have, multi-purpose beauty product that will have you shining like a star all through summer.

sparkle dust 1 sparkle dust 2 sparkle dust 3 sparkle dust 4

Available online at www.inglot.ie or in store now.


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