Prepare to bare with Ziaja slim range

It’s time to plan ahead.  If you are looking to get bikini ready and need some extra help, ziaja slim range features four products developed to reduce cellulite and excessive fat, firm up skin, decrease water retention and improve circulation.  Cellulite is the bane of many a thigh but put the leg-work in now with ziaja slim heroes and lumps, bumps and stretch mark will all look better.

ziaja new slim range provides a daily body care regime to target all the problem areas including orange-peel thighs and bottoms, flabby stomachs and slack upper arms.  All the formulas contain a potent blend of targeted anti-cellulite and skin-firming actives (a caffeine based anti-cellulite complex, together with forskolin and troxerutin) for maximum results in minimum time so that skin looks smoother, firmer and pert.

ziaja slim body lotion (270 ml) rrp €7.99

ziaja slim body lotion tightens, tones and firms skin in the areas prone to stubborn cellulite reducing the orange peel effect and the appearance of stretch marks. This affordable buy makes a great addition to summer skincare regimes and leaves skin feeling firmer, smoother and even toned.   ziaja slim body lotion contains multiple targeted natural actives including foskolin and a potent anti-cellulite complex (made up of caffeine, theophylline and theobromine) to breakdown and prevent storage of fat cells, along with carnitine coenzyme A to detox the skin and prevent swelling (it also reduces the feeling of tired legs) and hydroxyproline which stimulates collagen synthesis and brightens and reduces stretch marks.

ziaja slim anti-cellulite express body serum (270 ml) rrp €7.99

ziaja slim anti-cellulite express body serum combines a toxin-zapping active plant complex with potent natural actives for a high powered anti-cellulite hit.  ziaja slim serum acts quickly to breakdown fat cells and improve the appearance of dimpled skin boosting skin strength and suppleness.  Ziaja slim serum contains multiple targeted natural actives including forskolin and a potent anti-cellulite complex to break down fat cells and increase blood flow.  Anti-cellulite activity is boosted with an active plant complex (rosemary, ivy, bitter orange and algae) that break down the fatty deposits that create the orange peel effect and simultaneously stimulates tissue drainage to prevent swelling and reduces the thickness of body fat.

ziaja slim anti-cellulite energising body scrub (200 ml) rrp €4.99

A potent anti-cellulite body scrub infused with essential oils of jojoba, nettle, basin and lime to slough away dead skin cells and simultaneously boost circulation.  Provides smoothing and anti-cellulite activity to ensure limbs feel firmer and skin feels supple. Contains the targeted slimming active forskolin to prevent storage of fat cells, reduce cellulite and improve skin elasticity.  Use as a double hit prepping treatment to enhance the penetration of other products in the ziaja slim range.

ziaja slim stretch mark reducer (100ml) rrp €4.99

Brightens and visibly reduces the appearance of pink and permanent stretch marks.  Contains hydroxyproline to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to help repair the skin and accelerate epidermal regeneration. With forskolin to reduce cellulite and firm the skin while jojoba oil and allantoin accelerate healing and strengthen the skin barrier.

KEY INGREDIENTS:  forskolin, a potent natural plant active that stimulates the lipid burning process and prevents the storage of fat cells to reduce cellulite and improve skin structure.  forskolin works together with an anti-cellulite complex (made up of caffeine, theophylline and theobromine) which together have a proven slimming and detox activity that reduces fat deposits, provides a drainage effect and improves microcirculation. The formulas also contain troxerutin to improve blood vessels elasticity, neutralise free radicals and for its anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling properties. These natural actives have been selected for their maximum effectiveness to reduce excessive fat build up, inflammation, skin looseness, poor circulation, water retention and oxidative damage.

WHERE TO FIND IT: SHOP ZIAJA SLIM ONLINE NOW @ WWW.ORIGINALBEAUTY.IE.   ziaja skincare products are available at SHAWS DEPARTMENT STORES, MULLIGANS pharmacies, TOTAL HEALTH pharmacies and from independent pharmacies nationwide.


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