Master your Easter Feast with Bauknecht

Bauknecht are hosting another informative cooking demonstration with Stephen Taylor Winter in the KAL Advisory Centre, Citywest on Thursday 10th March from 7pm-9pm.

Join Bauknecht for an evening of tasty treats and top tips from the Bauknecht kitchen, with a unique and seasonal cooking demonstration from Stephen Taylor Winter.

Bauknecht cooking demonstrations promise to demonstrate how to cook sophisticated recipes that are quick, simple and stress free using the Bauknecht appliances. Guests will be sure to pick up some expert advice on cooking the right dishes and deserts this Easter.

Bauknecht offers a prestigious range of built-in appliances, including ovens, steamers, microwaves, warming drawers, cooker hoods, cooktops, refrigerators and dishwashers, which ingeniously combine design and technology.

The KAL Advisory Centre showcases the Bauknecht brand, among many others, and provides comprehensive and informative demonstrations showcasing how to work each Bauknecht appliance.

This cooking demonstration is free to the public. Guests can make a booking for this demonstration on


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