Ziaja’s Little Miracle Workers – The Face Mask Collection‏


Ten minutes and sixty nine cents is all it takes to beautiful skin with Ziaja’s collection of face masks – an army of little miracle workers to tackle every skin issue. With minimal effort and speedy results, Ziaja face masks are the perfect quick-fix for almost any skin concern and will give your complexion a whole new lease of life.


Ziaja face masks are packed full of hero ingredients to effortlessly and efficiently banish everyday skin issues including dryness, redness, blemishes, dullness, wrinkles and toxins.  Each mask contains targeted ingredients known for their proven efficacy and skin beautifying benefits.   


The Ziaja Face Mask Collection:

Ziaja Face Mask Trio


Ziaja SenSitive Skin Face Mask (rrp€0.69/7ml): Instantly soothes and calms sensitive, dry and irritated skin. This hypoallergenic face mask eliminates any redness or burning sensation and provides an immediate soothing effect. Contains effective natural active ingredients (ECO-certified) which reduce skin inflammation and strengthen the lipid barrier to prevent skin dehydration and hypersensitivity. 0% silicones / 0% mineral oils / 0% perfume. 


Ziaja Cocoa Butter Face Mask (rrp€0.69/7ml):  Restores the glow to dull and pasty skin. An indulgently creamy face mask that will brighten and improve skin tone.  It delivers a powerful dose of pure cocoa butter to hydrate, sooth and soften very dry skin and leave it glowing with healthy radiance.  Has an amazing chocolate scent and luxurious feel.  Contains cocoa butter from the seeds of mature cocoa tree fruits. Other beautifying ingredients include Vitamin A, E and D.


Ziaja Rose Butter Rejuvenating Mask (rrp€0.69/7ml):  Love up and plump up skin with ziaja’s rose butter rejuvenating mask.  This mask works on skin with natural rose butter and hyaluronic acid to increase cell renewal from within.  With a velvety rich feeling, it soothes redness and encourages the skin to repair and restore, smoothing out lines and wrinkles.   The active ingredients combine to boost moisture levels and hyaluronic production in the skin – plumping out the skin to visibly increase skin firmness and elasticity.


Ziaja Olive Leaf Regenerating Mask (rrp€0.69/7ml):  The perfect pick-me-up before a night out, this mask instantly refreshes the skin.  Ziaja’s olive leaf regenerating face & neck mask provide a marvellous at home skincare treatment that involves minimal effort and delivers speedy results. Hyaluronic acid and youth vitamins revive tired, looking skin while olive leaf extract detoxes and soothes.  Super soothing and gentle on the skin it is packed full of regenerating benefits to deliver radiant skin results.   Olive leaf extract contains oleuropein – a natural antioxidant and soothing substance.  The mask has a lovely fresh, energizing citrus scent. 


Ziaja Marine Algae Spa Face Mask (rrp€0.69/7ml): A spa grade facial in a sachet – this gel mask contains a powerful infusion of active marine ingredients to deliver real results and bring a feeling of well-being to the skin.  Contains laminaria algae, hydro retinol and canola oil to ensure a long lasting hydrating effect. With plumping blue algae (hydro retinol) and deep sea nutrients that visibly lift and firm the skin.  This mask packs a powerful punch to reduce puffiness and boost circulation so that tired skin looks rejuvenated, fresh and clear.


Ziaja Goat’s Milk Face Mask (rrp€0.69/7ml): Perfect for quenching the dryness of winter skin, ziaja goat’s milk face mask combines nourishing goat’s milk proteins with natural hydrating actives to effectively treat very dry and wrinkle prone skin leaving it feeling smoother, softer and revitalised.  Visibly smooths out minor wrinkles and delays skin aging. Intensely nourishes and prevents dehydration. Contains complex of goat’s milk ingredients rich in proteins, organic acids, lipids, carbohydrates and vitamins A, D and E. 


WHERE TO FIND IT: shop online @ www.originalbeauty.ie, shaws department stores and from independent pharmacies nationwide.


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  1. Defo need to try these masks!


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