Irish Composers Collective (ICC) & Tonnta present InSight 2016

A brand new festival of collaborative arts for Dublin city
in association with Smock Alley Theatre
SMOCK ALLEY THEATRE :: 14 March / 27 April / 4 June / 18 July, 2016 ::

Irish Composers Collective [ICC] and Tonnta in new co-production come together to for the first time to create a four-part concert series which premieres 20 new works by emerging Irish composers, pairing visual interpretations of dance, animation, projection, and simply, the physical body in space. Collaborative Arts is what it’s all about for 2016 and these must see, must experience, specially commissioned concert events run over the course of four separate months from Spring to Summer, at Smock Alley Theatre, March 14 [and running once again each month in April, June and July].

Irish Composers Collective [ICC], platforms the professional development of emerging composers and Tonnta, who have been creating new waves in vocal performance, are specialists in innovative interdisciplinary events – both very much having their finger on the veritable pulse, aim to show Irish audiences the best of emerging artists who are exceptional in their fields, positioning them with world-class artists in this exciting concert series. Each concert premieres five new works, developed collaboratively through a series of workshops to include a unique visual interpretation, along with a number of responsive works curated by the performers involved. Performers include Kate Ellis (artistic director, Crash Ensemble), Adrian Mantu (co-founder of RTE Contempo Quartet), Francesco Turrisi (“a musical alchemist” – The Irish Times) and Jessie Keenan (recent commission from Dublin Dance Festival & the GPO):
InSight #1 :: March 14 :: Adrian Mantu and Mihai Cucu
Cellist Adrian Mantu (co-founder of RTE Contempo Quartet) premieres five new works for live and pre-recorded cello, presented with projections from visual artist Mihai Cucu. In response to these new works, the programme features one Irish, one European and one universal piece: Anne Marie O’Farrell (In Mary’s Eye), Giovanni Sollima (Lamentatio) and Hamza El Din (Escalay. The Water Wheel).
Composers: Jenn Kirby (Dublin Laptop Orchestra, director), Elliot Murphy, Maria Minguella, Natasa Paterson, Daniel Barkley 
InSight #2 :: April 27 :: Tonnta
Tonnta and director Robbie Blake explore the concept of the physical body in space with new music written for not only the voice, but the entire body. With works written for choir, the body and electronics, composer Czerniak also uniquely incorporates the use of an iPad app in his piece.
Composers: Elis Czerniak (Alarmist), Sorcha Coller (ICC Chairperson), Anna Clifford, Timothy Cape (Bastard Assignments co-director), Stephen Kavanagh. 
InSight #3 :: June 4 :: Slipdraft
Installation and light mapping artists Slipdraft will present an immersive and unique live lighting reaction to five electronic works in the cavernous Boys’ School. Beginning and ending in darkness, this lighting installation showcase will respond in realtime to the frequencies of the electronic music.
Composers: Ena Brennan, Robert Coleman (Kirkos Ensemble, co-director), Bill McGrath, Shell Dooley, Anna Murray
InSight #4 :: July 27 :: Taquin and Jessie Keenan Dance
Taquin comprise of percussionist Francesco Turrisi, cellist Kate Ellis (artistic director Crash Ensemble) and saxophonist Nick Roth, working collaboratively with choreographer Jessie Keenan and dancers Lucia Kickham and Marion Cronin, will present five new works for ensemble and choreoghraphed dance. Taquin will perform a number of works from their own repertoire in response to the new compositions.
Composers: Chris Moriarty Pearson, Katherine Wyers (Rhombus Ensemble), Susan Geaney, Philip Parker, Daniel Reid
ABOUT –  ICC and Tonnta: 
Formed in 2004, The Irish Composers Collective works as a platform for the professional development of emerging composers, producing concerts of new Irish music with Ireland’s leading performers. Currently with 82 members and run with Chairperson Sorcha Coller, the collective are dedicated to shaping the contemporary Irish scene around its composers through ambitious projects. 
“The ICC is a ready-made community of creators, performers, and listeners, and they are blazing a trail for 21st-century music in Ireland.” – Tom Service, The Guardian
Tonnta, specialise in innovative interdisciplinary events as Dublin’s most exciting emerging vocal ensemble. The company situates itself in a contemporary performance environment, with influences that include contemporary dance, theatre and live art. With a combination of exceptional emerging artists and established singers, Tonnta vocal ensemble demonstrates a vibrant, rich and energetic sound. Collaborating with Ireland’s finest artists, festivals and organisations to present music to audiences and give performances that are inspiring, moving and meaningful. Tonnta and Robbie Blake (Artistic Director) are Artists in Residence at Smock Alley Theatre.
The collaboration of Irish Composers Collective and Tonnta extends the limits of both organisations, creating an ambitious project of new compositional Irish work presented by world-class performers across multiple artforms. 
*Grant aid from Arts Council of Ireland and Dublin City Council / Hosted by Smock Alley Theatre

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