Amazing Inglot ‘Sticking’ around

I love Inglot cosmetics and often head down the road to Dublin to stock up on the must have pieces.

Having long been a fan of their YSM foundation, I was very excited to hear about their hottest new product on the block – Stick Foundations.

Inglot Stick Foundations are enriched with evening primrose extract, which give them conditioning properties that do not dry out the skin, while still providing amazing coverage .

Inglot stick foundations are perfect to hide discoloration and other imperfections, and ensure a long lasting flawless finish. For easy application use INGLOT Pro Blending Sponge, or Inglot brushes 20T & 21T. These practical Stick Foundations come in a range of 10 shades to suit every skin tone, and can be used for stage and theatre make up.

Inglot’s Top Tip! *

Contouring and Face Sculpting using INGLOT Stick Foundations!

Step 1

Apply an under makeup base to the clean, toned skin and highlight the mid-parts of your face, like the under eye area, forehead and nose with a Stick Foundation a few tones lighter than your skin.

Step 2

To sharpen and underline the features, use the product a few tones darker than your natural skin tone along the hairline, on the sides of the nose, along the jaw line and under the cheek bones to sculpt the face.

Step 3

Blend with a moist Pro Blending Sponge to ensure smoother transitions between the colours.

Step 4

Use HD Illuminizing Loose Powder to set the makeup. To emphasize the contouring, use HD Sculpting Powder. Finish by applying a face blush and highlighter or Inglot Sparkle Dust to the cheek bones.


And as if that’s not enough….!

INGLOT’S Stick Foundation Contour Package €88

comp make up lesson

The Stick Foundation Contour Package contains 2 Stick Foundations €33, 4ss Contour Brush €22, a free Pro Blending Sponge worth €12, and a complimentary make up lesson with one of Inglot’s amazing MUA’s who will demonstrate in detail how to use the products to contour and highlight the face.

This package contains all the essentials for highlighting and contouring, and creating a gorgeous flawless finish. Contouring is one of the staple make up trends that is here to stay, and the Stick Foundation Contour Package is the perfect way to begin the New Year, staying on trend.

Available now from WWW.INGLOT.IE


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